Golden Skybridge: Suspension Bridge & Adventure Park

When you’re road tripping between British Columbia and Alberta, the Golden Skybridge is a great place to stop, have some fun, and get your monthly dose of adrenaline! It’s an exhilarating, sky-high adventure and you should definitely add it to your Rocky Mountain adventure list.

Set high in the mountains (but still easily accessible), the Golden Skybridge is home to Canada’s highest suspension bridge — a staggering 426 feet (130 m) above the canyon!

Although the Golden Skybridge is most well-known for its huge suspension bridges, there’s actually a lot more to do here than you might think. What started as Canada’s highest suspension bridge quickly morphed into a full-on adventure park and I’m here for it.

You can take a ride along the canyon on a mountain coaster, fly through the sky on a zipline, drop into the canyon on a giant swing, test your balance on a rope course, climb a rock wall, or throw a few axes — there’s truly something for every adventure type.

View of Upper Skybridge over the canyon in Golden BC.
View of the Upper Skybridge from the Lower Skybridge.

Location of the Adventure Park

The Golden Skybridge is located in the town of Golden in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. It’s about 2 hours from Banff and 1.5 hours from Revelstoke and is super accessible.

The Golden Skybridge is located at 503 Golden Donald Upper Road and is only a few minutes from Highway 1. Simply turn off the highway and follow clear signs to the park.

Golden is a cute mountain town nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It’s close to six beautiful national parks: Yoho, Glacier, Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, and Mt Revelstoke. If you have some time, make sure to explore the little town! There’s a lot more to it than the gas stations and restaurants along the highway.

Quick Tips

  • Purchase tickets online to save time, get a discount, and ensure your entry.
  • All tickets include access to the suspension bridges, walking trails, and viewpoints.
  • The Adventure Pass includes access to all activities except for the Giant Canyon Swing.
  • Fully enclosed footwear is required for Adventure Pass, Coaster Pack, and Giant Canyon Swing.
  • Final entry is 30 minutes before closing, but certain activities close 45 minutes prior.
  • The trails are one way, but you can do the loop as many times as you want.
  • Be respectful on the suspension bridge and don’t purposely try to scare others by bouncing or being rowdy.
  • Some activities have age, height, and weight restrictions. Check the official website for specifics.
View of the Lower Skybridge at the Golden Skybridge Adventure Park. The view is a wide angle of the suspension bridge, canyon, huge forest, and beautiful mountains.
View of the Lower Skybride from a viewpoint overlooking the canyon.

Tickets & Deals

There are different ticket packages available depending on what you want to do; these change yearly so always refer to the official website for the most accurate packages. Base admission includes access to the suspension bridges and you can purchase add-ons for activities like the canyon swing and zipline.

As a heads up, tickets are valid for one entry only, so make sure you bring everything you need because you can’t re-enter the park if you leave.

How much does the Golden Skybridge cost?

*Please note: There are two links to purchase tickets below. Purchasing through Viator helps support me but does require upgrading on-site for more than the basic ticket. Purchasing through the Skybridge system does not support me but you do receive your upgraded ticket right away.

Bridge Pass (Basic)

Access to the two suspension bridges, viewpoints, children’s adventure park, and canyon walk. Tickets are $35 for children and $45 for adults.

Adventure Pass

Includes admission to the suspension bridges, Railrider Mountain Coaster, Sky Zipline, Canyon Edge Challenge Course, Axe Throwing, Climbing Wall, viewpoints, children’s adventure park, and canyon walk. Giant Canyon Swing not included. Tickets are $84 for children and $94 for adults.

Coaster Pack

Includes admission to the suspension bridges, two rides on the Railrider Mountain Coaster, viewpoints, children’s adventure park, and canyon walk. Other attractions not included. Tickets are $60 for children and $70 for adults.

Giant Canyon Swing

The Giant Canyon Swing is a standalone add-on to all ticket packages and cannot be purchased individually. Tickets are $149 solo and $99 tandem.

Golden Hour

You can save a little money with a Golden Hour ticket. It’s available daily after 5pm during the summer and on weekends in the fall. The specific dates vary and it can only be purchased on-site.

Season Passes

Season passes are available for locals living in Golden, Area A, and Field. You can apply for a season’s pass online and collect/pay on-site; you will be required to show proof of residence.

Deals for the Golden Skybridge

The Golden Skybridge can get a little pricey, but luckily there are a few ways to save money.

  • Save 10% by booking online before you arrive.
  • Keep an eye on their social media where they occasionally offer special discounts codes.
  • You can save up to 40% by getting a Pursuit Pass. The upfront cost is more than a single ticket to the Golden Skybridge, but it also includes entry to other attractions such as the Banff Gondola, Columbia Icefield Skyway & Adventure, Maligne Lake and/or Lake Minnewanka Cruise.

Hours & When to Visit

The Golden Skybridge is open seasonally between mid-May to mid-October and closes in the winter. Their hours are 10am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday and Sunday.

When planning your trip to the Golden Skybridge, try to visit in the early morning or near closing to avoid the largest crowds. The spring, fall, and weekdays also see fewer visitors. For the best visibility, visit on a clear day and you’ll be treated to spectacular views.

You’ll most likely need between 2 and 4 hours to really explore the park. Keep in mind that the last entry is 30 minutes before closing; if you’re planning on stopping by late in the day, double check their online schedule to make sure you don’t miss out.

How long does it take to visit the Golden Suspension Bridges?

The length of your visit will largely depend on which pass you get and your, ahem, fear of heights.

People with the Adventure Pass usually spend 3-4 hours at the Golden Skybridge so they can experience everything without being rushed. The other passes include fewer activities so you’ll likely spend less time.

However, you could easily spend longer by enjoying the viewpoints, exploring the area, and grabbing food and drinks from the on-site food truck. No need to rush through! Once you leave, your ticket is done so make sure you see and do everything you want before leaving.

If you’re freaked out by heights, it’ll probably take a while to make it over the suspension bridge.

Map of Golden Skybridge

You might be surprised by the size of the Golden Skybridge park. I sure was! Before you visit, check out the map so you can get an idea of all the cool things to do and where to can find them. There’s a lot more than just the bridges to check out!

The Village is the where the ticket gate and giftshop are located. If you don’t want to cross the suspension bridges, you can still access the Axe Throwing, Climbing Wall, kids’ playground, and the Giant Canyon Swing (although if you’re doing that then I’m sure you can cross the bridges…)

The Upper & Lower Skybridges

There are two suspension bridges, called Skybridges, within the park. Suspended high above the canyon, you’ll have stunning views over the Columbia Valley.

The Upper Skybridge is the first bridge you’ll cross; it’s 130 meters high and 150 meters long. You’ll have to cross it to access the Canyon Edge Challenge, Sky Zipline launch, and Railrider Mountain Coaster. Look for the huge waterfall deep in the canyon below you!

The Lower Skybridge is the second bridge and brings you back to the main side of the canyon. It’s considerably lower at 80 metres high, but similar in length at 140 meters. Just before crossing this bridge, there’s a giant “Touch the Sky” swing where you can stop for a photo.

I found the suspension bridges a little freaky and kept a hand on the cable the entire time (as if that would help if things went sideways). Even so, I absolutely loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s a little scary but very safe!

Other Activities in the Park

Once you’ve enjoyed the spectacular views from the suspension bridges, it’s time to check out park’s other fun activities! If you want to do all of these, make sure to grab an Adventure Pass.

For full disclosure, we were on a bit of time crunch when we visited so unfortunately we only had time (and budget) for the bridges. I would love to return and do some of the others things — in particular, the mountain coaster (the one in Revelstoke is awesome), zipline, and giant swing!

Sky Zipline

If you’re an adventure-seeker and want to take in some aerial views, the Sky Zipline is just the thing for you! The 1,000-foot zipline will have you zooming through the forest, 500 feet above the canyon floor. I absolutely love ziplining and really wish we would have had time for it.

There’s also four ziplines side-by-side so you can race your friends across the canyon!

Riders must be 6+ years old, be at least 5′ 1″ tall (with arms stretched above their head), and weigh between 60-250 lbs to ride. Fully enclosed footwear is required.

Railrider Mountain Coaster

Adding to the adrenaline rush, don’t miss the Railrider Mountain Coaster (similar to the Revelstoke Pipe Coaster). Inspired by the local historic railroad, this exciting 1km long track carves through the forest and along the canyon for a total descent of 73 meters (240 feet).

Harnessed into a seat, you’ll careen down the mountainside with full control over your speed, taking curves at high (or low) speeds. It’s such a fun, unique thing to do!

Canyon Edge Challenge Course

If you want a physical challenge, the treetop ropes course is for you. The Canyon Edge Challenge Course has three different courses ranging in difficulty. There’s even one for kids so no one gets left out. Test your balance and nerves while suspended 40 feet above the forest floor!

If you don’t want to try it yourself, it’s fun to watch others shriek and laugh their way through the course from the sidelines.

Climbers must be 6+ years old, be at least 5′ 1″ tall (with fingertips stretched above their head), and weigh between 60-250 lbs to participate. Fully enclosed footwear is required.

Giant Canyon Swing

The Giant Canyon Swing is the most heart-pounding activity at the Golden Skybridge. Strapped onto a bungee cord with your friend by your side, you’ll plummet towards the canyon floor before soaring safely over the rocks far below! It’s sure to get your adrenaline rushing.

Even though I’m freaked out by heights, I really want to give this a try next time we’re at the park.

Climbing Wall

Test your climbing skills by trying to make it to the top of this 28-foot rock wall. It’s designed by world-class builders and meant to mimic a real rock-climbing experience. There are easy, medium, and difficult routes so that everyone can take part in this fun challenge. There’s room for six climbers.

Axe Throwing

The final paid activity is Axe Throwing and is located right beside the main hub. What’s more stereotypical Canadian than this? It’s super popular, which isn’t that surprising since it’s a lot of fun to harness your inner lumberjack.

With four side-by-side lanes available, throw your axes and try to hit the target. It’s harder than it looks!

Must be 16+ to participate.

The Adventure Hub at the entrance to the park

Adventure Hub / Village

The Adventure Hub is basically a big gathering area right at the entrance of the park. It’s surrounded by the playgrounds, climbing wall, axe throwing, food truck, forest, and gardens. It’s a really fun area to hang out at the picnic tables and relax.

The gift shop, washrooms, and bottle filling station are here.

Treetop Village Play Park (Playgrounds)

There’s a whole area designed for your littles right beside the Adventure Hub.

The Treetop Village Play Park is what kid’s dreams are made of — set in the natural forest, there are cute treehouses, fun swings, long slides, kid-friendly zip lines, and lots of space to run! There’s even an area for toddlers so they can climb and explore.

If I had kids, I know they’d love this area. I sure would if I were a kid.

Canyon Trail & Viewpoints

Included in all ticket prices is the Canyon Trail which connects all of the activities and creates a big loop. It’s a ~3km (1.9 mi) one-way forest walk that you can do as many times as you like. The trail is fairly easy, but it is gravel and has some elevation change, as well as natural obstacles like roots and uneven footing along the way.

You’ll pass right by every activity and enjoy beautiful views of the canyon and surrounding area thanks to wooden viewing platforms. You’ll also learn about the area if you stop to read the informational signs.

There are viewing platforms at the beginning of each suspension bridge. You can enjoy the view, but it’s also a place to wait in case there are already 60 people on the bridge. There’s another platform about halfway through the walk on the far side of the canyon, plus a “Touch the Sky” photo spot near the Lower Bridge entrance.

The Canyon Trail loop which connects all activities

Facilities, Accessibility & Pets

The Golden Skybridge is a great place to have some fun and stretch your legs on a BC-Alberta road trip. There’s a large parking lot, a few picnic benches, and an off-leash dog area outside the gates.

Once you’ve entered the park, there’s a food truck with BBQ-style food, a gift shop with local artisans (I got my favourite hat here), and fun playgrounds for the kiddos. There are also flush toilets, a water-bottle filling station, picnic benches and benches, and lots of viewing platforms.

Food & Drink Options at the Golden Skybridge

After an fun few hours exploring the Golden Skybridge, it’s time to fill your hungry belly. Luckily, the park has a lovely outdoor dining area that’s surrounded by the forest and an on-site food truck, the Village Grill. Yum.

Enjoy a selection of classic BBQ food like burgers and chips. With tables nestled in the great outdoors, the picnic area is a great spot to relax and reflect on your trip. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a light snack, the dining area (aka the Adventure Hub) is designed to keep your outdoor adventure going.

Personal food isn’t allowed inside the park but there are picnic tables just outside of the front gates if you’d prefer to eat your own food.

Adventure Hub / dining area and playgrounds

Accessibility & Pet Policies

The Golden Skybridge is not fully wheelchair accessible. The Canyon Trail, the Adventure Hub, Skybridge, and washrooms are technically accessible but may be difficult to navigate due to the uneven terrain and gravel trails.

Your furry friends will also need to sit this adventure out. Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted within the park so please make plans for them before visiting. Although the Skybridge itself doesn’t allow pets, there is an off-leash area next to the parking lot.

What to Bring

The Golden Skybridge is open rain or shine — make sure you check the weather and dress appropriately!

  • Comfortable shoes to walk the ~3km forest trail.
  • Closed-toe shoes for activities like the giant swing, ziplining, and rock climbing.

Since you’re in the mountains, it doesn’t hurt to pack a light jacket for an extra layer (even in the summer). Bring extra clothing or shoes in a lightweight backpack since you can’t re-enter the park if you forget something in your car.


Is the Golden Skybridge worth the price?

We had a lot of fun here! It’s certainly a pricier adventure (especially if you have a whole family), but it’s an easy way to spend an entire day and have a blast. Keep in mind that as they add more attractions each year, the price has been going up.

The Golden Skybridge makes the mountains accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to experience them (just like the to the Banff Gondola and Columbia Icefield Skywalk). It’s great for families, people new to the mountains, or if you’re looking for some easy entertainment.

If you don’t like theme parks or are a more hardcore mountain person, the Skybridge might not be for you. There are better views on many of the nearby hikes.

Are pets allowed on the Golden Skybridge?

No, the Golden Skybridge doesn’t allowed pets inside the park except for service animals. There is an off-leash dog park outside of the gates.

Is the Golden Skybridge wheelchair accessible?

The Golden Skybridge is not easily wheelchair accessible. You could bring a wheelchair to the suspension bridges if you’re comfortable navigating uneven terrain, but it’s not easily accessible.

Are there season passes for the Golden Skybridge?

Yes, Golden Skybridge season passes are available for residents of Golden, Area A, and Field. Season passes are only sold on-site, but you can apply online.

How long and difficult is the walk on the Golden Skybridge?

The entire forest walk is ~3km and is a one-way loop which includes the two suspension bridges. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to do the walk if you don’t stop for attractions. You can do the loop as many times as you’d like.

The loop is relatively easy, but it does include uneven terrain and some elevation change. Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

How long does it take to visit the Golden Skybridge?

You could easily spend a minimum of 3-4 hours at the Golden Skybridge if you do all of the activities. If you’re only doing the bridges, it takes about 1-2 hours.

Who is the Golden Skybridge suitable for?

The Golden Skybridge is great for families, friends, and couples! It’s suitable for all ages, but there are some age restrictions on the more intense activities. The suspension bridges are free for kids 5 and under.

If you’re afraid of heights, the suspension bridges might not be for you. There are places to enjoy the view without crossing the bridges, but do be aware that some of the activities do require crossing the bridges to access.

Is the Golden Skybridge safe?

The Golden Skybridge is built with reinforced steel cables and your safety in mind. It’s a safe activity that everyone can enjoy. Although you’re not harnessed in, the cables railings are tall and won’t allow you to fall through. Never hold kids up to the railings.

The suspension bridges will sway a little bit, but it’s not dangerous. However, it can get a little slippery in the rain.

Exploring Golden

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to Golden after a day at the Skybridge, you don’t have to! There’s a lot more to this cute town nestled in the Canadian Rockies than the restaurants and gas stations located along the Trans-Canada Highway would have you think.

Golden has plenty of fun things to do and could easily take days to explore. Here are some top picks:

  • Whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River. This is one of the best rivers for whitewater rafting in Canada! Enjoy a full-day tour that includes experienced guides, lunch, and all your gear.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone on the exhilarating Kicking Horse via Ferrata and scale the mountainside to Terminator Peak.
  • Day trip to nearby National Parks. Yoho, Glacier, Banff, Jasper, and Kootenay offer beautiful hikes and places to explore. There’s something for all adventure styles in each park.
  • Hike 12km to Thompson Falls in the Blaeberry Valley just outside of Golden.
  • Walk with wolves at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre.

Where to Stay in Golden

If you’re planning on exploring Golden and experiencing more than the Skybridge, there are some great places to stay overnight no matter your budget.

Rondo Motel $

The Rondo Motel is a 2-star budget accommodation in downtown Golden. Even though it’s a cheaper place to stay, you can still enjoy spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy free wifi and parking, well-sized rooms, and AC. Some rooms even have a kitchenette. Basic rooms start at about $85.

Basecamp Lodge Golden $$

Enjoy a stay in this stunning log lodge with great views of the Purcell Mountains; it’s truly a mountain cabin and only a short walk from downtown Golden. The cozy rooms have free wifi and cable TV, plus a beautiful lounge area and deck where you can unwind and relax.

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