13 Waterfall Hikes in Revelstoke, BC

Fall in Love with Revelstoke’s Waterfalls

Revelstoke is no stranger to stunning waterfalls! With easy access to the Rocky, Monashee, and Selkirk mountain ranges, it’s no wonder this area is ripe with waterfalls. In this guide, you’ll discover 13 waterfalls that are in (and around) Revelstoke.

From powerful waterfalls to light trickles, waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes in Revelstoke. For even more waterfalls, check out our guide to Okanagan waterfalls.

Safety & Leave No Trace

Please note that many of these waterfalls are unmaintained and don’t have official parking or safety measures in place. It’s extremely important that you stay on the trails to prevent damage to the forest and for your own safety (the cliffs and fast moving water can be dangerous).

And as always practice Leave No Trace while visiting natural areas! Revelstoke has had issues with people leaving garbage, trampling these beautiful areas, and even using them as washrooms — don’t be that person. Leave these areas better than you found them!

7 Waterfalls in Revelstoke

Let’s get into the fun part… exploring Revelstoke’s beautiful waterfalls! These seven waterfalls are close to town and definitely worth visiting. There are a few more outside of Revelstoke and you can find those lower in this guide.

Additional Waterfalls

There are actually a lot more waterfalls around Revelstoke than listed in this guide, but many of them are inaccessible or have very little information available, so I’ve left them out.

If you’d like to find more waterfalls in the Revelstoke area, the World Waterfall Database is a fantastic resource.

Sutherland Falls, Blanket Creek Provincial Park

Easy | 0.5 km | 14 m gain

Sutherland Falls in Blanket Creek Provincial Park near Revelstoke
Sutherland Falls near Revelstoke, BC

Sutherland Falls, located in Blanket Creek Provincial Park, is about 20 minutes (28 km) from Revelstoke. It’s a popular waterfall and is one of the most accessible in the Revelstoke region thanks to the wide, flat, gravel trail and paved road.

Sutherland Falls is an easy 0.5 km hike through a lush forest. Although it’s a very easy trail, don’t overlook it! The waterfall is spectacular, especially from May to August when the runoff is highest. It’s worth the quick hike in.

Begie Falls, Revelstoke

Moderately easy | 0.6 km | 32 m gain

Begbie Falls near Revelstoke
Begbie Falls near Revelstoke, BC

Begbie Falls is about 20 minutes (12 km) from Revelstoke and sits in the shadow of Mt MacPherson and Mt Begbie. Despite being geographically closer to Revelstoke than nearby Sutherland Falls, it takes about the same time to drive to because the main trailhead is located down a dirt road (Mount Begbie Road).

There are two trails to the waterfall. The main trail is accessed via the dirt road and is only 0.6 km (moderately easy). The alternate route is accessed via Highway 23 and is 5 km (moderate). Both routes bring you to the small viewing platform directly in front of the powerful waterfall.

PS: There’s a rec site campground on the road to the main trailhead. The sites are pretty nice!

Moses Creek Falls, Revelstoke

Moderate | 0.8 km | 29 m gain

Moses Falls in Revelstoke, BC

Moses Falls is 10 minutes (9 km) from downtown Revelstoke, yet it’s somehow managed to escape the notice of most visitors. The trail can be quite muddy and slippery (especially in the spring), so come prepared with proper footwear!

Access to the lower trailhead and community park is quite bumpy, so it’s recommended to park at the top if your vehicle doesn’t have high clearance.

Located just down river from the Revelstoke Dam, Moses Falls changes a lot throughout the year. In the spring, Moses Falls receives a lot of runoff from the nearby mountains and is at its most powerful. Later in the season, the water decreases substantially and is often just a trickle. No matter the season, though, Moses Falls is a great hike!

Split Rock Falls, Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Moderately easy | 1.4 km | 50 m gain

Split Rock Falls is located at the top of Revelstoke Mountain Resort and is accessed via the Revelation Gondola (view hours and prices). The resort itself is only 9 minutes (6 km) from downtown Revlestoke.

From the resort’s mountaintop restaurant, the Mackenzie Outpost, hike a short 1.4 km return to visit Split Rock Falls. This is a quiet, relatively unknown waterfall in Revelstoke (likely due to the fees associated with it).

I haven’t visited the waterfall myself and unfortunately there’s very little information about it available, so I can’t comment on if it’s worth a visit or not.

Broken Bridge Falls, Mt Revelstoke National Park

Moderate | 1.8 km | 102 m gain

Broken Bridge Falls is located in Mount Revelstoke National Park and is 25 minutes (15 km) from downtown Revelstoke. You will need to purchase a day pass (available at the park’s gate) or buy an annual Discovery Pass to access the national park and waterfall.

There’s a small pullout at the trailhead which is just off the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. The waterfall trail follows the side of the mountain and, considering its short distance, the trail packs a punch in terms of elevation.

Akolkolex Falls & Frayne Falls, Revelstoke

Moderate | 6.1 km | 323 m gain

Akolkolex and Frayne Falls are located south of Revelstoke on bumpy FSR roads (a 2-way radio is required since this is an active logging road) — make sure your vehicle is able to handle these types of roads before you head out there! The Akolkolex Falls trailhead is 24 km from Revelstoke and supposedly takes ~30 minutes, but be prepared for the drive to take longer.

The trail for Frayne and Akolkolex Falls is a workout as you make your way down to the lake! You’ll follow an old forest road through the forest.

Boat Access Only, Revelstoke

There are a number of boat access-only waterfalls sprinkled along Lake Revelstoke (which is actually part of the Columbia River). You’ll need to either kayak, canoe, otherwise paddle, or boat in to visit these beautiful and very secluded waterfalls.

The 5 Mile Boat Launch and Martha Creek Provincial Park boat launch are both great starting points for your waterfall chasing adventures.

Everywhereshetravels.com mentions a few of these private waterfalls, but there are more for you to find — you just gotta get out there!

4 Waterfalls near Revelstoke

Next up are the many waterfalls not quite in Revelstoke, but certainly close enough for a quick trip from the city. Most of these waterfalls are either along the highway.

Kay Falls, between Revelstoke & Sicamous

Easy | 0.2 km | 29 m gain

Panoramic view of Kay Falls
Kay Falls between Revelstoke and Sicamous, BC

Kay Falls is one of my absolute favourite waterfalls that I visit again and again. It’s super short and literally off the side of the Trans Canada Highway, about 30 minutes (37 km) from Revelstoke. Even though it’s so accessible, there’s almost never anyone here.

The hike to Kay Falls is short and fairly easy, but it is rooty and quite uneven. There’s a great viewpoint a safe distance from the waterfall. You can approach the waterfall’s base by hiking over small rocks, but they can be quite slippery. You’ll get absolutely soaked in the spring.

Crazy Creek Falls, between Revelstoke & Sicamous

Easy | 1.4 km | 63 m gain

Suspension bridge with the words "Crazy Creek" above a large, roaring waterfall
Crazy Creek Falls between Revelstoke and Sicamous, BC

Creek Creek Falls is the only privately owned waterfall in this guide and is located within the Crazy Creek Hot Pools Resort. It’s just down the road from Kay Falls and is 32 minutes (41 km) from Revelstoke.

The trails at Crazy Creek Falls are very developed (there are boardwalks and a suspension bridge) and even hot pools and cabins just across the road. The owners are always adding something new to the resort. There is a fee to access to the waterfall and suspension bridge.

Frog Falls, Three Valley Gap

Easy | 1 km | 24 m gain

Frog Falls is 28 minutes (29 km) from Revelstoke and is located just outside Three Valley Gap on a forest service road. Starting from the Frog Falls Recreation Site, you’ll take a short and fairly easy walk to the beautiful waterfall.

While you’re here, check out the Three Valley Gap Ghost Town and Chateau (where you can stay overnight).

Sicamous Creek Falls, Sicamous

Easy | 0.2 km | 14 m gain

Sicamous Creek Falls are 55 minutes (77 km) from Revelstoke. If you’ve made it this far, there are a number of nearby waterfalls in the Okanagan worth checking out.

The Sicamous Creek Falls are part of a larger trail network known as the Sicamous Creek Trails. If you’ve come just for the waterfall, it’s a short trail comprised of wooden stairs that quickly descends to the river. It’s a small, but beautiful waterfall that cascades around a large boulder in the creek. It’s very lush!

3 Waterfalls in Glacier National Park, Canada

Heading east from Revelstoke is Glacier National Park — not to be confused with the US’s national park with the same name. Canada’s Glacier National Park is the second oldest in the country (tied with nearby Yoho), but also one of the most undeveloped.

There are kilometers of hiking trails in the park, along with a few beautiful waterfalls. As you’d expect, the accessibility of these waterfalls varies a lot. Below are three fairly accessible waterfalls that you’ll want to check out while exploring Glacier National Park.

You will need a National Park Pass to explore these waterfalls.

Bear Creek Falls, Glacier National Park

Moderate | 1.3 km | 48 m gain

Bear Creek Falls is 1 hour (77.5 km) from Revelstoke and is absolutely worth a visit! There’s actually another Bear Creek Falls in Kelowna. Both are worth checking out, but they are very much different waterfalls — just wanted to clear up any potential confusion!

The trailhead and parking lot is just off the Trans-Canada highway. The trail itself starts off by descending quickly, then leveling out, before climbing the last little bit to the waterfall. Bear Creek is an absolutely stunning and lush waterfall.

Meeting of the Waters, Glacier National Park

Moderate | 1.3 km | 53 m gain

Meeting of the Waters is 50 minutes (65 km) from Revelstoke, just before the Rogers Pass Summit. It isn’t your typical waterfall — it’s the merge point of two small rivers and is more of a series of cascading falls than a grand waterfall. Regardless, it’s a nice walk through the forest with a small waterfall for payoff.

Perley Rock/Sir Donald Waterfalls, Glacier National Park

Moderately Difficult | 6.4 km | 531 m gain (a portion of the Perley Rock/Sir Donald trail)

The Perley Rock/Sir Donald waterfalls are 50 minutes (65 km) from Revelstoke, just before the Rogers Pass Summit. They actually share a parking lot with the Meeting of the Waters falls.

These waterfalls are located 3.2 km into the much larger Perley Rock or Sir Donald hikes. If you’re only visiting the waterfalls and not doing the entire hike, scrub to the 3.2 km marker on the AllTrails map to see where the falls are. The beginning of the trail is fairly easy, but as you near the falls the trail gets steep. These waterfalls are beautiful and located right along the edge of the trail.

Where to Stay in Revelstoke

Now that you’ve made notes of all the beautiful waterfalls you want to see in and around Revelstoke, it’s time to plan your trip! Revelstoke is a small mountain town, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on places to stay. Explore your accommodation options below.

Happy exploring!

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