Christie Falls, a freestanding waterfall near Kelowna

Waterfalls in Kelowna & the Okanagan

Explore over 20 waterfalls in Kelowna and the Okanagan

Do you want to hike to Kelowna’s best waterfalls? Well, you’re in the right place!

Below you’ll find six waterfalls in Kelowna and West Kelowna, plus 15 other waterfalls around the Okanagan.

Whether you’re looking for a popular waterfall hike or want to explore a hidden gem, I’ve gotcha covered. There are a surprising number of stunning waterfall hikes throughout Kelowna and the Okanagan ready for you to explore!

And even better, these waterfall hikes are great all year long. You can cool down on a hot summer’s day or enjoy the magic of a frozen waterfall. So what are you waiting for? Go explore some local Okanagan waterfalls!

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Kelowna & Okanagan Waterfall Map

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of each waterfall, maybe you’re wondering where the heck all these waterfalls are? Maybe you’re trying to plan a waterfall adventure for this weekend, but there’s no way you can check ’em all out?

In the map below, you’ll find pins for all the waterfalls in this guide. As you can see, they’re all over the Okanagan! Hopefully, this map of Kelowna and Okanagan waterfalls will make trip planning just a little easier.

Bear Creek Waterfall, West Kelowna

0.9 km, Easy Hike & Swimming

The Bear Creek waterfall, located in Bear Creek Provincial Park, is only ~10 minutes from downtown Kelowna. Despite being so close to the city and clearly visible from the Canyon Rim Trail, few people know that you can actually hike to the waterfall.

To do this, you’ll need to venture into the bottom of the canyon and swim to the falls. It’s not an overly long or difficult hike, but the swim does add a level of technicality you may not be used to.

The Bear Creek falls is probably the most unique waterfall hike in Kelowna for this very reason — how many waterfalls do you really need to swim to in the Okanagan? Yeah, pretty much none. This is a pretty awesome summer adventure!

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt during high water, it’s very dangerous. 


Woman in red sits in front of Bear Creek waterfall in Kelowna, BC
Two woman stand underneath Bear Creek waterfall

Christie Falls, West Kelowna

2.4 km, Moderate Hike

Christie Falls is a spectacular, free-falling waterfall near Kelowna. It’s the most remote waterfall in Kelowna and is hidden on Terrence Mountain behind Bear Creek Provincial Park. The waterfall hike itself is only 2.4 km, but don’t be fooled by the short distance!

This waterfall hike has its fair share of challenges, including a very steep descent to Christie Falls and numerous (small) river crossings and occasional deadfall. Even just driving on the FSRs to the waterfall is an adventure.


Christie Falls, a freestanding waterfall near Kelowna
Christie Falls flows over a cliff on a sunny day

Crawford (Canyon) Falls, Kelowna

2 km, Moderately Easy Hike

Crawford (Canyon) Falls is a beautiful waterfall hike in Kelowna that’s hidden in the unlikeliest of places — the middle of a subdivision! It’s an awesome escape from the city without actually leaving Kelowna.

And to make it even better, there are two waterfalls here! You can hike into the canyon to see Lower Crawford Falls or walk around the canyon’s rim to see the upper waterfall. Whether it’s summer or winter, the waterfalls at Crawford Falls are well worth the hike.

Tip: This trail is sometimes closed due to slope instability. Please check the Kelowna Tourism’s website for the most up-to-date information. 

Woman stands in front of Crawford Falls in Kelowna
Woman in red sits in from of Canyon Falls in Kelowna

Fintry Falls, West Kelowna

1 km, Easy Hike

Fintry Falls, located inside Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area, is a well-known Kelowna waterfall. The impressive waterfall hike is popular year-round and features one main waterfall, plus a smaller, little-known waterfall off the main trail.

The Fintry Falls waterfall hike is made up ~400 stairs that offer superb views of the cascading waterfall as it tumbles down the canyon.

If you continue past the staircase onto the undesignated trail, you’ll come to a hidden waterfall and swimming area. But be careful, it’s not easy to get here.


A huge amount of water flows through Fintry Falls in the spring
A small amount of water tumbles down Fintry Falls in the fall

Glen Canyon Waterfalls, West Kelowna

South: 4.4 km, Moderate Hike
North: 4 km, Moderate to Difficult Hike

The Glen Canyon waterfalls are quite different than all of the other waterfalls in Kelowna. They aren’t tall or roaring, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable.

The Glen Canyon Regional Park hiking trails follow Powers Creek and you’ll find many different waterfalls along the way. Some of the waterfalls you can only see from above, while others you can hike down to and hang out in.

Direction to North

Directions to South

Mill Creek Waterfalls, Kelowna

2.8 km, Easy to Moderate Hike

Mill Creek Regional Park, located near the Kelowna airport, has three awesome waterfalls just begging to be explored. The waterfalls get more impressive the further you hike, but be warned: the trail gets harder, too!

You can get up close and personal with all three waterfalls, as well as enjoy a dip in the water. Pair the waterfalls with the thick forest and Mill Creek is a great adventure year-round.


Woman stands in the middle of a large, tiered waterfall in Mill Creek Regional park in Kelowna
Small waterfall at Mill Creek regional Park in Kelowna

More Okanagan Waterfalls to Explore

If you want to venture outside of Kelowna, there are plenty of beautiful waterfalls throughout the Okanagan to explore! Most of these waterfall hikes are in the North Okanagan near Salmon Arm, but you can also find some as far south as Naramata.

Albas Falls, Seymour Arm

Begbie Falls, Revelstoke

BX Falls, Vernon

Cascade Falls, Mabel Lake

Chase Creek Falls, Chase

Cosens Creek Falls, Vernon

Crazy Creek Waterfalls, Sicamous

Evelyn Falls, Anglemont

Hardy Falls, Peachland

Kay Falls, Sicamous

Margaret Falls, Sunnybrae

Moses Falls, Revelstoke

Naramata Creek Falls, Naramata

Rainbow Falls, Cherryville

Sicamous Creek Waterfall, Sicamous

Sutherland Falls, Revelstoke

Syphon Creek Falls, Salmon Arm